What do we do?

We help businesses put together:

- More diverse plan designs for today's diverse workforce,

-with lower or zero out of pocket costs for employees.

​- Employee education strategy that actually has an impact on how employees engage the healthcare system.

​- Direct Primary Care (DPC) access for employees at no cost to the employees.

The right strategy helps control cost and helps employees to be healthier, physically as well as financially.

Companies who can embrace positive change can give their employees a health plan that they love.

To make good health a part of your company's culture, the curtain has to be pulled back and employees need to learn how to engage the healthcare system. They also need easy access to excellent primary care services.

We bring all the parts together and help you build the best possible package while giving your employees excellent access to great healthcare.

Our Values:
  • We believe in working for our clients and their employees

  • We put the best interest of our clients and their employees first

  • We believe the healthcare system is broken, and we work hard to be part of the solution to fix it and not be part of the problem

  • We work hard to help people get easy access to better healthcare

  • We believe in empowering people to become smarter consumers of their healthcare, and to encourage them to help others achieve the same goal

  • We do our work the best we can every day we do it

  • We are constantly learning so we can produce more value for our clients and their employees, always looking for better ways to do it

  • We believe in helping the employees of our clients to become and stay healthier physically, mentally and financially

  • We believe in collaborating with partners that share the same values as we do

  • We believe in working with clients who have similar goals and values as we do

Why we do it

We enjoy sharing real solutions to one of the most challenging problems facing businesses and employees today.

We love to see our clients and their employees become smart consumers of their healthcare.

We delight in saving a lot of money for clients and their employees.

And we are proud to put together programs that help employees have easy access to great health care.

  • Control cost

  • Control your plan

  • Educate your employees

  • Lower to zero out of pocket costs for employees

  • Direct Primary Care (DPC) access for employees

  • 3 Year strategy to keep you moving in the right direction as the insurance landscape changes

  • Have a good consultant on your side looking out for the best interest of the company and the employees

It all starts with a conversation. Let's see if this can work for your company and your employees.
 Class Insurance Consulting
George Claassen
Cell: 1-978-836-6745
Email: GClaassen@ClassIns.com 
  • Helping businesses offer great benefits.

  • Helping employees become smarter consumers of their healthcare.

  • Helping employees get easy access to the best healthcare.

  • Helping businesses rein in the costs of benefits. 

  • Helping businesses, organizations and communities thrive.